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Catch more fish than ever with The Evening Secret!

. and more! Here is the best part. The BIG eat the small. Tommy Abbott Greenwell, Louisiana See
The Swarm Of Fish For. need to go fishing with the Evening Secret about 15 times to get.

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. New owners have picked up the tiny shop and moved it to the beach giving it a new name and person
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. Beach, Delacroix Louisiana is perhaps the top. sized flounder and the best trophy bass fishing.
Ben, he specializes in fishing for speckled trout. can also be found at times bitting on the end of.

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New Orleans fishing charter with Louisiana's best fishing guide

. off our trip here after about an hour of hard fishing ending up with 65 trout. I was really impressed
with Don and Jody. They have fished with me many times in the past, but on this trip they really.


WILDWOOD RESORT 129 WILDWOOD DRIVE ZWOLLE, LOUISIANA 71486 (800) 341-3668 (800) 450-5103 www.wildwood.
. of the Weekend Give-Away are selected three times a year, August December and April. You may.

Best Places to Live on the Coast - Mar. 21, 2005

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. August 20, 2005 Louisiana Sportsmen's Corner. Read over 100,000 times per week, Worldwide.
customer) wanted to go fishing today, told him I had. to shop. Still the best fishing trip of my.


This whole time I had left my nymph in the water, and I was heading back to shore with my son and puppy. If that wasnt chaotic enough, it was just then that a fish struck. I safely deposited my son and puppy, and then reeled in the fish. I was always kind of proud of that fish, even though it was just average in size.

Several times my sons were extremely competitive in fishing, and it seemed they went hot and cold at exact opposite times. With one catching several fish, while the other one got skunked. And when the one was losing all hope, magically fate would reverse. I would tell the


After two hours, I had only had a couple of strikes but could not get hooked up.

So I headed to the car for my secret weapon. The "Lucky Hat" or in my case "Lucky Cap". Mine is old and dirty. I purchased it in 1990 on a trip to Cancun, Mexico. How long it has been my lucky cap, I rightly cant remember. Probably some 12 years or so. It has a logo on the front that says "Hard Rock Cafe". It is not even a fishing cap. Yet when I wear it, I almost always catch fish.

Armed now with my fish catcher, I he


Splashy rise is a violent splashing which usually
happens in the evening when the trout are after mayfly or

Sipping rise happens when insects are trapped in the surface
film and usually leaves a bubble behind.

Sub-surface rise causes all the problems as the rtout seems
to be rising to take a surface fly,


Glasgow fined for polluting the Kelvin
Here is one I missed earlier….. Landfill activities cause problems for the environment 9 Jun 2006 - Ext01-D01 Landfill less. Recycle more. Protect the environment. This was the message from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) this week, after one of Scotland’s largest Councils was fined for polluting a .

Tracking Flathead Catfish
As we pushed upstream, fish 1702 was talking to us. Just above the new ramp on the Iowa River at Riv....

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